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Working with Ric on ‘Simple Love’ was in incredible experience.  The thing that sticks out most about his production process is that he raised me up as an artist, really beyond anything I ever thought I would do! He doesn’t just push boundaries, he breaks them and gives every song the best life possible. When I decided to have Ric produce my music, I not only made the right choice…I made the ONLY choice for this record.

– Emiko


Ric is the President and CEO of AINWM, an independent music production firm dedicated to creating popular music at the highest level of quality known to the world today.

Specifically designed for placement into film and television, our mainstream pop/rock songs have been receiving critical acclaim for over twenty-five years.

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  • Vagabond - Featuring Robbie Wyckoff
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This is the music video for the song “Share The Magic”! A Christmas song comprising of over 60 singing talents and a hand full of musicians located in and from COLORADO. The song is Written and Produced by Ric Cabot Podmore!

Fashioned in the mold of Band Aid and USA For Africa, Voices On High is an ensemble production of Colorado’s most notable musical artists gathered together to create a unique musical experience for the benefit of Colorado based charities.

Credit List for this song:

Words and Music by Ashlie-Amber Harris, Rachel James & Ric Cabot Podmore
Produced by Ric Cabot Podmore
Engineers: Kevin Clock, Steve Avedis, J.P. Manza, Tom Capek & Jesse O’Brien
Mixed by Kevin Clock and Ric Cabot Podmore
Mastered by Tom Capek
All studio tracks recorded at Colorado Sound Recording Studios — Westminster, Colorado
Chorale Segment recorded at Balistreri Vineyards — Denver, Colorado

The Voices (in order of appearance)

Jake Schroeder, Dave Preston Amidi, Nancy Hubanks, Sarah Slaton, Chris Daniels, Scotty Brown, Kelly Aspen, Ashlie-Amber Harris, Rob Drabkin, Steve Thomas, Pam Savage, Carolyn Cairo, Mark Oblinger, Wendy Woo, Christine Starkey, Dave Curtis, Tomara Conrad, Lilly Scott, Maurice Larry, Beth Avedis, Rachel James Bryan Butler, Greg Jacyszyn, Ryan Gombeski, Joellen Cabot, Alan Baird, Stephan Hoff, Christin Grant, Kyle Aubrey Simmons, Danny Martinez, Josh Larson, Seth Larson, Branden Sipes, Larea Edwards, Rachel Hachem, Louis Chavez, Dan Aid, Steve Watts, Bob Harris, Austin Young

The Players

Christian Teele (Drums)
Kirwan Brown (Bass)
Randy Chavez (Guitars)
Tom Capek (Keyboards)
Ric Cabot Podmore (Piano, Keyboards)

The Chorale

Craig Alan Currens, Desiree Cantu Crump, Mark Tenorio, Randy Mosman, Dutch Opperman, Jeff Nichols, Steve Avedis, Muno Wahab, Rich Ross, Jeff Anderson, Eddie Guion, David Watts, Mark Griffin

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