Risk Management

Every day, the kingdom of life generates a vast myriad of opportunities which are ALL specifically designed to lead us to our Divine destiny. Regardless of our interpretation, EVERYTHING that crosses our path has a universal purpose saturated with eternally beneficial rewards.

Today I encourage you with the knowledge that once again, this very day, you will be presented with several advantageous opportunities…do not be afraid, do not hesitate…happiness, abundance and the life of your dreams are right in front of you.

Risk not, reward not. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

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One of the greatest misconceptions continually plaguing mankind comes from the idea that happiness can be acquired byway of monetary and materialistic gain. From the complete foolishness of drugs like Viagra and Cialis to the more permanent endeavors of tattooing, piercing, elective surgery and every other outward expression in between, the vast majority of mankind has frivolously chosen to compile enormous amounts of debt all in an effort to find inner peace.

Today I encourage you with the knowledge that happiness is NOT a commodity that can be purchased for ANY price…happiness begins from within. Regardless of any circumstance on the face of this earth, the ‘Law Of Happiness’ with regard to the human experience is very simple…it’s not how long you make it, it’s HOW you make it long.

A Day At The Races

From the very dawn of civilization, nothing on earth has been more destructive than the deadly poison of racial and cultural ‘hatred’. Be it the extremes of radical and deadly violence to slightest inference of a slur, hatred is the ULTIMATE manifestation of fear that decimates every possibility of universal health, happiness and abundance.

Today I encourage you with the knowledge that our universe was INTENTIONALLY created with a vast myriad of colors to decorate its landscape…regardless of whatever color your team’s uniform may be, ANY disdain OR bias you harbor for someone else is ONLY destroying YOUR earthly experience. Moreover, hate is the unforgivable sin, most commonly known as ‘blasphemy against the Divine Spirit’…when you choose to play the race card, you are guaranteed to finish life’s race ‘dead last’. Love always wins.

Snap On Tools

Of all the lessons history has proven, the most incredible would have to be that ANYTHING is possible…that ANYONE can have, be or do anything and enjoy a lifetime of wealth and happiness. Tragically, the vast majority of mankind have unwittingly succumb to an impoverished mentality of lack, wherein they have stretched the diametrically opposed ideals of ‘pay less, get more’ and ‘do less, want more’ past the breaking point, thus leaving them angry, frustrated, broke and even unemployed.

Today I encourage you with the knowledge money is merely energy…it will ALWAYS arrive with the EXACT same spirit in which you choose to let it depart. ‘Believing’ that money can be wasted, saved or spent are ALL symptoms of a poverty mindset…’knowing’ that finances can ONLY be either invested or shared is the wisdom of prosperity. The next time you feel the urge to complain about high prices, low wages or outsourced labor, you are only confessing that YOU are part of the problem.

Change your mind and you WILL change your life.

Success Full

Throughout the entire history of civilization, quite possibly nothing has been a greater destroyer of mankind’s Divine destiny than society’s warped definition of ‘Success’. Masterfully narrated by the demons of ‘Doubt’, ‘Fear’, ‘Worry’ and ‘Anxiety’, the fictional tale of success, complete with fabricated images of seemingly unattainable monetary assets, slowly drains the vast majority of humanity’s dreams into an emotional drought of lack and limitation.

Today I encourage you with the knowledge that just by taking the first step to follow the desires of your heart, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL.

This life, THIS INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE FILLED WITH INFINITE OPPORTUNITIES, is NEVER about reaching a destination…it is ALWAYS about the wondrous adventure known as the journey. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

No Pain, No Gain

‘No Pain, No Gain’. Regardless of race, gender or culture, the kingdom of life and its amazing journey ALWAYS comes with a price. As artisan designers of our own destiny, EVERY human determines his or her Divine value based on the price they are willing to pay. Tragically, most of mankind will never understand that the price for a lifetime of success, happiness and abundance costs ABSOLUTELY NO MORE than a lifetime of mediocrity, misery and poverty. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that our universe is a very generous vendor…whichever path we choose, we will ALWAYS receive more than what we bargained for. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.


‘Whatever’. Ever since the inception of mankind’s existence, the powerful marvels of the human mind have continued to manifest the wonder of Divinity’s likeness and image. Everywhere we look in our modern world, we can see the tangible evidence of innovation, all of which began as nothing more than a mere impulse of thought. Sadly, the vast majority of those blessed with the kingdom of life will choose to succumb to the voices of negativity and cynicism, thereby surrendering the joy of bringing forth the deepest desires of their heart. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that your dreams are meant to become your reality. Regardless of who you are or whatever your circumstances may be, you can have, be or do WHATEVER you choose…listen to your heart and let the demons of ‘Doubt’, ‘Fear’, ‘Worry’ and ‘Anxiety’ ‘talk to the hand’.

‘Penny For Your Thoughts’.  Everyone who journeys across the earthen plane does so possessing the most valuable asset known to our universe…the human mind. Everywhere, we are surrounded by irrevocable proof that every single human retains the capability to manifest a wealth of brilliance, or what is more commonly referred to as a ‘million dollar idea’. Tragically, due to the unfounded fears of ridicule, criticism, failure and worst of all, poverty, the vast majority of mankind will unwittingly choose a lifetime of misery and mediocrity based solely on the false ideals of ‘playing it safe’ and ‘job security’. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that no amount of income can EVER compensate for the eternal weight of regret stemming from missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. Regardless of all popular opinion, anything that makes ‘common sense’ WILL ONLY make common ‘cents’. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.