One Way Street

‘One Way Street’. Every day, someone just like you or I, arrives at the destination of their dreams. While the details will vary greatly, the story is ALWAYS the same. An impulse of thought is captured and then blended with the emotion of desire. Perseverance and fortitude are then forged from a plethora of ‘gracious’ negativity imparted by all of the surrounding doubters and ‘nay-sayers’. Tenacity and faith are tested several times over by way of countless setbacks and inconclusive results. Finally, when it appears that there is ‘no way’, the ‘way’ is granted based on the simple refusal to surrender. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that YOUR dreams and visions and the desires of YOUR heart are no different than those of anyone else. The ONLY way you can fail is by quitting. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

‘Mission: Impossible’. One of the most coveted treasures sought after by the demons of ‘Doubt’, ‘Fear’, ‘Worry’ and ‘Anxiety’ is mankind’s situational perspective. Having carefully orchestrated a personalized ‘doom and gloom’ slideshow as a clever diversion for each their victims, the Fab Four slowly steal away ALL sense of opportunity, possibility and destiny. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that you ARE the incarnate likeness and image of Divinity…if nothing is impossible for God, why, ‘for Christ’s sake’, is ANYTHING impossible for you? Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

‘Separated At Birth’. Everything within the vastness our universe is connected. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, you are ALWAYS interlinked to everything else. More importantly, we are ALL directly connected to the source…Infinite Intelligence, The Divine Providence, The Author of Love…’God’. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that you are NEVER alone…being directly connected to the origin of Creation itself gives ALL OF US an amazing array of infinite possibilities to create our own destiny. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

‘The Great Depression’. Far and away, the two most fatal myths mankind has EVER chosen to believe are the erroneous lies known as ‘lack’ and ‘limitation’. Carefully authored by the demons of ‘Doubt’ and ‘Fear’ and subsequently propelled by mankind’s lust for power, these highly sensationalized fables have destroyed the Divine destiny of all who fall under their hypnotic spell. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that you possess the infinite power of the human mind, therefore you have NO ‘lack’…and the ONLY ‘limitation’ you face is the time you’ve been granted to experience the incredible kingdom of life. Turn off all that depressing CNN doom and gloom and go make something happen for yourself…NOW! Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

‘An Evening Out’.  Every law within the municipality of our universe is precise and unwavering, none more so than ‘The Law of Cause and Effect’. Completely subject to the relational interaction between Divinity and humanity, ‘Cause and Effect’ is the universal breaking point where everything MUST and WILL find balance. Tragically, the vast majority of mankind will unwittingly choose a lifetime of misery based solely on an equilibration of negativity and cynicism. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that EVERYTHING in our universe eventually evens out…call it Karma, consequence or ‘The Golden Rule’, whatever you choose to invest into your life and the life of others ALWAYS determines whether you will have a dream date with destiny OR an impoverished marriage to fate. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.