‘Perfect Strangers’. Everyone who enters the earthen dimension does so as a uniquely manifested replica of our universe’s Creative Source. In miraculous fashion, every human being has been individually wrapped and wired to create their very own idiomatic experience. Tragically, due to the fear-induced lies from social stigmas, prejudicial cultural codes and the lust for power, civilization continues to self-destruct byway of an impoverished mentality based on cynicism, unfounded criticism and faultfinding. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that EVERY SINGLE human has been immaculately brought forth to collaborate in Divinity’s utopian experience…your perfection begins when you choose to embrace the ‘perfect imperfections’ of EVERYONE who crosses your path.

Terminal Illness

‘Terminal Illness’. Nothing on earth lasts forever, and yet mankind remains haunted by the ‘fear of loss of love’. Surrounded by bogus philosophies such as ‘Once bitten, twice shy’, this paralyzing disease cunningly disguises itself as a nurturing protector, proclaiming the gift of immunity from the agonies of heartache. In reality, the tragic results of this fear are loneliness, depression, substance addiction and even suicide. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that there is NOTHING greater in this life than sharing the true love of your heart…falling in love is NEVER wrong, even with the wrong person. Moreover, be it death or divorce, EVERY relationship in the earthen realm WILL eventually end. Find love, fall in love but mostly, NEVER, EVER be afraid to lose love.

Panic At The Disco

‘Panic At The Disco’. Every day, the demon known as ‘Anxiety’ continues to permeate society with an elaborate myriad of deception that slowly erodes the Divine destiny of all its victims. However, in reality, Anxiety is nothing more than the habitual thought of ‘expecting the worst’…and why would you expect the worst UNLESS you haven’t done your best? Today I encourage you with the knowledge that you were invited to this party to have fun…create good things, ‘anticipate’ even greater things and destroy Anxiety’s death grip on the life of your dreams.

Exclusive Offer

‘Exclusive Offer.’ From the very dawn of creation, billions upon billions of humans have crossed the earthen plane to encounter the kingdom of life. Billions more currently inhabit earth and inevitably, countless more of Divinity’s children will come to know the human adventure. Amazingly, due to the continuum of time as well as the basic law of ‘cause and effect’, it is impossible for any two people to EVER share the exact same life experience. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that you have been given an exclusive opportunity…every day is your ‘once in a lifetime’ chance to handcraft a life far beyond your wildest dreams. Regardless of whatever was, is or will be, no one else will EVER be blessed with the unique and incredible experience of being ‘you’. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.