‘Penny For Your Thoughts’.  Everyone who journeys across the earthen plane does so possessing the most valuable asset known to our universe…the human mind. Everywhere, we are surrounded by irrevocable proof that every single human retains the capability to manifest a wealth of brilliance, or what is more commonly referred to as a ‘million dollar idea’. Tragically, due to the unfounded fears of ridicule, criticism, failure and worst of all, poverty, the vast majority of mankind will unwittingly choose a lifetime of misery and mediocrity based solely on the false ideals of ‘playing it safe’ and ‘job security’. Today I encourage you with the knowledge that no amount of income can EVER compensate for the eternal weight of regret stemming from missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams. Regardless of all popular opinion, anything that makes ‘common sense’ WILL ONLY make common ‘cents’. Don’t Stop Dreamin’.

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