Welcome to Ric’s Photo Gallery!

Ric Cabot Podmore is a true visionary as well as an innovative developer. As studio producer Ric supervises every step of the creative process. Beginning with the composition of the song all the way through the arrangement as well as the master recording. His songwriting abilities combined with his mastery of audio imagery have actually come to be his signature or trademark.

From the first day there has never been any question regarding his creative capability as is apparent among the extraordinary ability that continues to surround him. As a writer as well as producer, his skills are now being realized by those who are the elite in the music industry.

Given that Ric is a songwriter, a producer, as well as a recording artist, the diversity and variety of his abilities affords him the luxury of broad angles of exposure regardless of the venue that Ric is working in.

Please enjoy Ric’s photo gallery showing him in action from the Producer’s Chair to various events and scenarios.