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Of all the lessons history has proven, the most incredible would have to be that ANYTHING is possible…that ANYONE can have, be or do anything and enjoy a lifetime of wealth and happiness. Tragically, the vast majority of mankind have unwittingly succumb to an impoverished mentality of lack, wherein they have stretched the diametrically opposed ideals of ‘pay less, get more’ and ‘do less, want more’ past the breaking point, thus leaving them angry, frustrated, broke and even unemployed. Today I encourage you with the knowledge money is merely energy…it will ALWAYS arrive with the EXACT same spirit in which you choose to let it depart. ‘Believing’ that money can be wasted, saved or spent are ALL symptoms of a poverty mindset…’knowing’ that finances can ONLY be either invested or shared is the wisdom of prosperity. The next time you feel the urge to complain about high prices, low wages or outsourced labor, you are only confessing that YOU are part of the problem. Change your mind and you WILL change your life.

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